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Hello everyone! Mom and Pop Shop advocates here! We just wanted to thank everyone for the overwhelming support we got from our last article. The emails keep coming in and the response on social media has been fantastic. Obviously we are not the only ones who care about small businesses and seeing their success in a large business marketplace!

So we wanted to continue on the momentum of our last article. We think its very important that everyone understands the key principles on getting “found” today in the internet marketplace. Most small businesses are focusing on how to get found from the street. You’ll see signs up and displayed or those crazy sign spinners out in the middle of the summer (I always feel so bad for them!) And these methods do work. But we also need to harness the power of the search engines.

Boost and Support Local

People who may living within a 10 mile radius of your business may not be driving in your direction. But you may have valuable services that they are looking for. For this reason it is becoming increasingly important to be a strong presence on youtube which is the #2 search engine, but also on google which is the #1 search engine that people use. I wouldn’t even worry about yahoo or Bing search engines. If you perform well on google you are going to perform well on those search engines as well.

Stay in Town

So the first thing I recommend is hiring a local SEO Arizona company. I feel that outsourcing is key. You have so much to manage with running your physical location that trying to spin your wheels and figure out how to rank on a search engine is not worth your time. And you can actually do it wrong and have it negatively affect you. So leave it to the pros and let them figure out the hard stuff.

Expect it will take several months. It takes google awhile to realize what your business and website is all about. Search engine optimization is what this is called and it is a process. So be patient with your company. In the meantime, if you enjoy social media or blogging you should do all of that as well. The more you can get your name and your information on the internet the better. It honestly can’t hurt to have more avenues for google to pick up. So create awesome share worthy content that will attract people to you.

Use strategic keywords. Like if you are a toy store, be sure to include keywords that describe some of your most high selling products. It might be “dolls” or “barbies” etc. All of that will help the search engines further realize what your site it about. And don’t forget the power of telling your friends on the internet! Create an email list and encourage people to share your content! Word of mouth on the internet travels 10 times faster than it does in person! It is very nearly instant as people are checking their social media accounts multiple times each day!

That’s all for now! Go and get yourself found!

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